Our Sculptures

Bake Sale

Baked goods for sale! What sort of goodies do you see? What is your favorite bakery in town?


This piece was inspired by India Blake Johnson’s book of poetry and photography. How does the poem she is reading speak to you??

Cat Nap

It appears this lounging man is stealing a moment for himself for a nap during the workday. What could he be dreaming about?


Blustery autumn days, full of color, quickly turn to ice and snow. A time of year that encompasses all five senses, the perfect subject for a poem. Write a poetic interpretation of this couple’s day.

Embracing Peace

Reflect on this moment captured in time that symbolizes the joy felt at the end of the war.
Well-known for celebrating everyday life with vividly realistic sculpture, Johnson steps back in time with Embracing Peace, to pay homage to the veterans of World War II. This artwork honors the memory of the past, reminding us of the sacrifice of a nation, and awakens a younger generation to a turning point in our nation’s history.


Raking leaves, flannel shirts … what reminds you of the warmth of fall?

Follow the Leader

Encourage imagination and creativity. What little games do you create?


Holier Than Thou

“I use my art to convince you of something that isn’t real. You laugh at yourself because you were taken in, and in that change of your perception, you become vulnerable to the piece and intimate with it in a certain way.” -Seward Johnson

Just a Taste

How do you share your emotions? Quietly or with feeling? Are there things you are hesitant to share?

Navy Pier – Seward Johnson

Monet, Our Visiting Artist

Created as an homage to Claude Monet (1840-1926) painting “Terrace at Sainte-Adresse,” this sculpture was originally entitled “Copyright Violation.” The bronze figure has since been shown “painting” other inspired scenes in an “art imitating art imitating life” scenario. Here in Spring Lake, Monet captures a scene of our vibrant downtown.

No Hands

Seward Johnson believed in celebrating the little things, little things worth commemorating in a sculpture, like enriching friendships or playing with food. Are there little things that you celebrate?

Relish, Too?

Enjoy something from the local offerings while you are in town. Be sure to notice details on the artwork such as the realistic hot dog cart or his apron.

Shaping Up

Whether going for a jog along the shore or hiking Divine Park, take a moment to notice the space around you. What do you see? What do you hear?


Summer Thinking

Seward Johnson often highlights the moments we pause, rather than the many hours that we work or play.

Tied Up

“I had so much energy I put on my shoes and danced. I’m living in my own dream, you see.

When Now Becomes Then

Seward Johnson always encouraged people to find their creativity outdoors. Does being outside change how you create?

For more information about Seward Johnson’s legacy please watch Remembering Seward Johnson